Current Research Foci

Cellular Organization

Relatively little is know regarding the 3D organization of bone at the cellular level. We are investigating the 3D spatial distribution and morphology of bone cellular spaces using high resolution synchrotron radiation micro-CT.

(Human Cortical Bone)

Vascular Organization

The cortical bone of many vertebrates is permeated by a network of vascular canals which are continually altered through a process of remodeling. Our group studies this porous network quantitatively in 3D and 4D.

(Human Cortical Bone)

Mapping Trace Elements

Using synchrotron techniques we are exploring the spatial distribution of trace elements in bone. Applications range from the study of archaeological remains to the uptake of pharmaceuticals.

(Rat Vertebra Dosed with Strontium - partnership with Dr. M. Doschak, U of Alberta)

Research Highlights