Past Graduate/Post-Graduate Personnel:
         Dr. Janna Andronowski - PDF
            -Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, U. of Akron. 
                       -current contact info     

         Dr. Amir Ashique - Research Officer
            -Scientist, NGM Bio

         Dr. Brian Bewer - PDF
             - Radiation Specialist, Canadian Light Source 

          Hayley Britz - M.Sc.

Dr. Yasmin Carter - Doctoral Student/PDF
    -Assistant Professor, Dept. Radiology, U. Mass 
            - current contact info

Dr. Sanjukta Choudhury - PDF (co-supervised)
    -Research Facilitator, College of Law, U of S

Dr. Wubin Chen - PDF (co-supervised)

Abdullah Chisti - M.Sc

Cheryl Hennig - M.Sc.

Dr. Chantal Kawalilak - PDF (co-supervised)
    -Alberta Health Services

Dr. Isabel Maggiano - Technician
    -Instructor, U. West Georgia - current contact info

Dr. Arash Panahifar - PDF
    - Associate Scientist, Canadian Light Source

Dr. Jake Pushie - Research Officer
    - Research, U. Sask. 

Isaac Pratt - M.Sc. and Ph.D. 
    -Makerspace Technical Lead at the Forge, McMaster U.

Dr. Treena Swanston - PDF / Research Officer
    -Assistant Professor,Depts. of Anthropology and Biology, MacEwan University, Edmonton Alberta
                 -current contact info