Dr. Arash Panahifar
Associate Scientist
Biomedical Imaging and Therapy Beamline 
Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon, Canada

Email: Arash.Panahifar@Lightsource.ca
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BMIT Beamline Website

Research Interests:
Medical Imaging: (CT, MRI, PET), 3D Imaging 
Synchrotron Radiation Imaging (K-edge subtraction imaging, high resolution CT, phase contrast imaging)
Osteoarthritis, Musculoskeletal Diseases 
Nano-drug delivery for treatment and early diagnosis of cancers

PDF: SHRF Post-Doctoral & CIHR-THRUST Fellow, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
PhD: Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada
BSc: Medical Radiation Engineering, Azad University, Science & Research Branch, Iran

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