Yasmin Carter     
Current: University of Massachusetts, Dept. of Radiology - current contact info
           Doctoral Student 2008-2014Ÿ 
           PDF (Dept. Medical Imaging) 2014-15

Research Interests:

* Human Skeletal Biology and Bone Adaptation Ÿ 

* Micro-CT Synchrotron-Based Imaging Techniques Ÿ

* Functional and Evolutionary Morphology Ÿ

* Morphometrics Ÿ

* Trace Element Localisation and Speciation Ÿ

* Paleopathology Ÿ and Evidence-Based Mummy Studies

MA: Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba, Canada

BA (Hons.) First Class: School of Archaeology, University of Bristol, England

Carter, Y., Suchorab, J.L., Thomas, C.D.L., Clement, J.G. and D.M.L. Cooper (2014) Normal Variation in Cortical Osteocyte Lacunar Parameters in Healthy Young Males. Journal of Anatomy 225(3):328-36.

Carter, Y., Thomas, C.D.L., Clement, J.G. and D.M.L. Cooper (2013) Femoral Osteocyte Lacunar Density, Volume and Morphology in Females Across the Lifespan. Journal of Structural Biology 183(3):519-26.

Zangen, Z., Wahid, K., Babyn, P., Cooper, D.M.L., Pratt, I. and Y. Carter (2013) Streaking artifact suppression in sparse-view CT image reconstruction. Computational & Mathematical Methods in Medicine. Vol. 2013, Article ID 185750, 15 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/185750.

Carter, Y., Thomas, C.D.L., Clement, J.G., Peele, A.G., Hannah, K. and D.M.L. Cooper (2013) Variation in Osteocyte Lacunar Morphology and Density in the Human Femur - a Synchrotron Radiation Micro-CT study. BONE 52(1):126-132.

Britz, H.M., Carter, Y., Jokihaara, J., Leppänen, O.V., Järvinen, T., Belev, G. and D.M.L. Cooper (2012) Prolonged Unloading in Growing Rats Reduces Cortical Osteocyte Lacunar Density and Volume in the Distal Tibia. BONE 51(5):913-9. COVER ARTICLE

Cooper, D.M.L., Chapman, L.D., Carter, Y., Wu, Y., Panahifar, A., Britz, H.M., Bewer, B., Zhouping, W., Duke, J., and M. Doschak (2012) Three Dimensional Mapping of Strontium in Bone by Dual Energy K-Edge Subtraction Imaging. Physics in Medicine and Biology 57(8): 5777-5786. FEATURED ARTICLE

Swanston, T., Carter, Y., Hopkins, C., Walker, E.G. and D.M.L. Cooper (2011) Developmental fusion of the malleus and incus in a late 19th century case of aural atresia. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. Doi: 10.1002/oa.1286.

Carter, Y. (2009) Through a glass darkly: clouded perceptions of gender and feminist archaeology. MASA: Journal of the Manitoba Anthropology Students’ Association 27: 54-62.